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Most all question can be answered after reading our brochure. Here are some of our common inquiries.

1. Do I get notified when my child is accepted into the program?
No, if you recieve a registration packet and send it back in by the deadline date, acceptance is assumed. Deadline is May 26, 2018. Acceptance later than that will be discussed with the director.

2. Do I have to pay when my child does not attend?
No, payment is expected only when your child attends the program. Payment is expected every week or every other week. Check, Cash, and Money Orders are accepted forms of payment.

3. How can I reach my child during the day?
An agenda will be posted each morning, so you are aware of daily activities. The Summer Fun office phone is also available. The number is 792-9196. The directors email is

4. What happens if my child becomes sick during the day?
If sickness arises during the day, parents will be contacted and the child must leave as soon as possible. We do not expect children to remain with the program when not feeling well. An emergency contact must be listed that can pick up your sick child in a timely fashion if you are not avaliable.

5. Can my child attend the program half-day?
We schedule a full day of activities. We cannot accept half day attendance. Early pick up can be arranged, when necessary. Full day price will be expected.

6. What happens if my child gets hurt at the program?
Insurance coverage is now included in your fee to attend. The staff is instructed to follow NYS Camp guidelines in dealing with injury.  This is outlined in our personnel manual.

7. Do children have to have physical and immunization records to attend?
Mandatory. The immunization and physical records MUST be current thru end of program, August 17, 2018. If your child gets a updated physical durring the program, that copy must be files imediatly.

8.How does payment work?
Payment is expected each week. See Mrs Farley any morning at sign in to accept payments..

• Non-refundable $20.per child registration fee. Must accompany registration form.

Daily and Weekly Cost Chart
One Child 1 Day - $37.50
2 Days - $75.00
3 Days - $112.50
4 Days - $150.00
5 Days - $160.00
Two Children 1 Day - $75.00
2 Days - $175.00
3 Days - $225.50
4 Days - $275.00
5 Days - $280.00
Three Children 1 Day - $95.00
2 Days - $190.00
3 Days - $285.50
4 Days - $375.00
5 Days - $375.00

• Full time is 5 days of attendance. All inclusive. No extra money asked for any activity!*NEW* Free lunch program. Our program is full day, no drop ins/ half day. No fee reduction for early pickup. Payments are to be made in full at beginning of week or on Friday of week of attendance. *

• A $10. late fee will be charged if pick up is later than 5:30pm*

Timely payments are crucial. If there is a situation that prevents you form paying each week, see Mrs. Farley


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